The Difference Between a Business Objective and a Marketing Objective

Business Objective and a Marketing Objective

“There are two types of objectives: Broad business objectives and specific marketing objectives for each campaign.” Marketer Sam

Samer Farraj founder of Standout360

Marketer Sam

The other day, someone wrote to me this “I am a little confused about the difference between business objectives and marketing objectives when drafting a marketing plan… isn’t everything we do in marketing to support the broader business goals?.” I understand why the difference between the two would confuse someone with a different background or new to marketing. In this short blog, I’ll try to define the blurry lines.

In general, there are two types of objectives: broad business objectives and specific marketing objectives for each campaign.

To illustrate, let’s assume that you sell shoes through a boutique online store and you want to increase revenue by 10%. Based on the numbers, you know that if you sell 1,000 extra sandals this summer, you will easily meet this goal. In this situation, selling 1,000 extra sandals in the next 3 months would be your business objective.

Once you have a clear business objective, you need to figure out how you are going to achieve it, so you call your marketing agency and inform them of your plan.

The marketing agency starts drafting the perfect marketing mix to drive more traffic to your site. Based on their research, they decide to launch Google search ads, Facebook remarketing, and content marketing campaigns.

Now, each one of the campaigns should have a specific objective. For instance, the Google search ad campaign objective would be: Increase new website visitors by 1000 visits for July, 1500 visits for August, and 3000 visits for September. The same applies to the Facebook remarketing and the content marketing campaigns. Each will have their achievable objective.

I hope that this example has helped you understand the difference between business objective and marketing objective. To learn more about how to create marketing objectives for your business, contact me below. You will also have access to a comprehensive digital marketing template.

Download my comprehensive digital marketing plan template. It includes:

  • Create a Value Statements template.
  • Create a Personas template.
  • Marketing Strategy template.
  • Customer Lifetime Value calculator.
  • Content planner.
  • Keyword organizer and meta tags tracker.
  • Social Media calendar.
  • Key Performance Indicators tracker (KPI).
  • Search and Paid Social Media campaign trackers.
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